Candy colours – SS18

It may not exactly feel like it just yet what with all the snow, but we promise you that spring is waiting just around the corner. That means fresh styles, lighter fashion and a whole new colour palette to introduce into your wardrobe. And a perennial favourite when it comes to spring colours, pastels are once again in.

Light, bright and airy as a cloud, we love embracing the delicate new shades once those days start to get longer again. And any pastel clothing that you do buy can be seen as an investment since no doubt next year these shades will once again be cropping up on the fashion radar. If you fancy hitting the shops or browsing online, then here are some of our fool-proof tips for buying great some great pieces.

Buy good quality

Since pastels clothes are a trend that usually pop up every spring without fail, then it is a good idea to view the pieces as an investment, which means you should be buying good quality. Jeans, jackets, jumpers – these should all come from well-respected brands which you can trust. Plus, by buying better quality items, you run less of a risk of them being unfortunately see-through which can be a risk when wearing paler pastels – so make sure the cloth is thick enough too!

Pick a shade that suits you

It’s just the way it is – everybody will suit different shades. And whilst pastels are a pretty safe bet, there will always be certain shades that really enhance your look that little bit more. Play around and have fun with pastels, but find out which one best suits you to ensure you always look your best with minimal effort when wearing these shades.

Pastel layer cake

One of the wonderful things about pastels is the fact that they complement each other so you don’t have to worry about clashing or carefully choosing to colour block. If you want to wear different coloured pastels with your shoes, jeans, top, jacket, accessories then don’t be afraid to mix and match. You’re going to love the look and it’ll be a fresh and cute way to step into springtime. We love little pastel plimsolls followed by pastel skinny jeans, a cosy knitted jumper (pastel stripes anyone?!) and topped off with a cosy puffer jacket in a suitable sorbet shade!

It extends to beauty

Don’t think that pastel trends are only limited to the realm of clothes and accessories, since this simply isn’t true. Pastel eye shadows, lip tints, to gorgeous nail colours are all a wonderful way to add a hint of pastel to your style without really having to go overboard. Paint each of your nails in a different delightful pastel shade for a cute and fun look that is ideal for hinting at this lovely trend.

So get your pastels on and start thinking of candy sweet and sugary fashion choices that will have you looking and feeling good.

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