Staying on track with 2018 shoe trends

Shoes are obviously indispensable, and whilst we can’t exactly justify our shoe-shopping obsession, at least they’re useful right?! From trainers to heels and all textures, shapes and sizes, we are not alone in our love affair with shoes, and designers know this, which is why every season there are so many new and divine styles out there!

Whether you need a new pair of shoes or not is material – we see, we want, we can’t resist! If you are already looking forward to shedding your winter boots in favour of lighter spring shoes, then we’re here to help you get inspired as to what you should be looking out for in terms of shoes this season!

Plastic fantastic

Yes you read that right, plastic is in and it is extending to shoes too! Don’t worry about cheap and ill-fitting styles though, think hard-wearing and weather-proof shoes that you can’t wait to wear. Funky little heeled boots in metallic finishes, cool loafers and the ubiquitous pool slider – we are loving this practical trend which at the very least will keep our feet nice and dry! If you are a bit wary about the trend, then choose more muted colours.

Cowboy boots

Another shock return has to be the cowboy boot which hasn’t been in vogue for a fair few years now. This is one trend where you have to be all in, but to avoid going overboard and running the risk of looking like the (legendary) Dolly Parton, stick to more traditional shades like tan, brown and black rather than choosing to look like a rhinestone cowboy! Wear them with tucked in blue jeans and an air of insouciance – sure they’re cowboy boots, but they are bang on trend.

Kitten heels

Sling-on kitten heels are elegant and understated, and the perfect way to add a hint of glamour to an outfit. Wear with straight-legged jeans for a mixed up casual look, or with a dainty dress for some old-school glamour. Choose bright and eye-catching shades too so that they can be the focal point of your outfit.

Combat boots

Practical bug crushers are just want you need to leap your way from winter and into spring. Durable and seriously edgy, you’re going to fall in love with a pair that’ll be ideal to see you through the last lingering wintry weather. We love the glossy shades, but also the more muted suede-effect affairs that come in all the colours of the rainbow. For a tough look that is a bit 90s, wear with high waist jeans and a mega puffed up puffer jacket – you’ll love being able to play around with your silhouette and have a bit of fun with your fashion, and all thanks to your shoes!

Here are plenty of reasons as to why you need a new pair of shoes now, so it is high time that you got shopping and treated yourself!

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