Customise your style

Most of us love following the ever-changing fashion trends, but it’d be boring if we all always looked the same. The most wonderful thing about fashion is the fact that it does of course let us pick and choose and express our individuality with our style choices. If you love taking a look and making it your own, then it is time to get interested in customising your own style.

What with YouTube tutorials, how-to books and not to mention crafty friends and family, even if you’re all thumbs when it comes to getting to creative, you can still learn. And with a needle and thread you can really start to give your clothes that high-end couture edge. To help get you started, here are some of our favourite design tips to get the most out of your clothes for an incomparable style.

Change the buttons

The difference between a cheap item and a more expensive one is often in the details like buttons, so get used to swapping these for more upmarket numbers. No matter how fancy your buttons are, they are still going to be pretty inexpensive, and happily, sewing on buttons really is a doddle. Word to the wise though – make sure to swap to buttons of a similar size to ensure that they fit the buttonholes!

Add embellishments

If you can sew buttons onto something, then you can add embellishments too, since most will just require attachment by needle and thread. Remember the embroidered floral motifs on denim that have been huge the last year or two? Save money and space in your wardrobe by buying a few patches and sewing them on yourself.

Embellishments can be as eye-catching or as subtle as you like, but we have to say that we love a bit of sparkle, some bumptious pompoms and other adornments that will completely alter the look of the original outfit.

Tailored to you

Ok so when it comes to shaping and serious letting out or taking in you may have to head to the dressmakers, but for things like hemming and adding in belt loops, you are more than capable of doing that yourself. Remember that pins are your friends when it comes to hemming – you can more easily get just the right length that you want before you commit to stitching!


Customisation doesn’t just have to be limited to clothes though, since you can really easily get into making your own jewellery too. Many craft shops boast jewellery making supplies, and if you suspect that’s a little bit beyond you, then you can still easily thread some beads on a piece of elastic for example. By making your own jewellery, every piece you create will of course be unique and therefore something to treasure as a way to amp up your style.

Clothing customisation doesn’t need to be time-consuming or complicated, and it’s so easy that anybody in fact can give it a go for a style that’s all their own.

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